Study Tips for Midterms


Midterms are always a stressful week for every student. These are 10 helpful tips that every student should follow to prepare for midterms! 

Students should start off their morning by eating a healthy breakfast.

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My favorite breakfast is eggs and bacon with strawberries on the side. I drink orange juice with my meal in the mornings. Other healthy options could be anything with protein and any fruits.

Study in coffee shops with a friend that has the same test. 

  • Studying with a friend in coffee shops are super helpful when you learn material better in a group setting. I like studying in coffee shops because it’s a different atmosphere then sitting in your room for hours at your desk. 

Make flashcards to remember material better.

  • I like making flash cards because it helps me learn the material better. When you write your notes down its known to stick in your head better for a test. 

Making a quizlet so you can quiz yourself. 

  • Quizlet is my best friend during any week but especially during finals/midterms. It helps students because you can quiz yourself and take tests. 

Manage your anxiety by putting in headphones/airpods to help distractions go away.

  • Listening to calming music while studying really helps students with anxiety. It also helps distractions go away. 

Get a good night’s rest and go to sleep at a decent time.

  • I know it’s very hard for me to get a good night’s rest during midterms week because I want to learn every single thing that could possibly be on test, but studies have shown that getting a good night’s rest will help you focus better on the test the next day and remember information. 

Communicate with your teacher if you have questions

  • Talking to your teachers prior to taking your test helps so much. If you have a question on a math problem, or just a question in general they will usually help you!

Predict possible questions by reviewing old tests

  • Some teachers will give their past test to help you with finals. Reviewing old questions will help because most likely some of those questions will be on the test. 

Take short breaks!

Studying 3 hours straight is not good. Sometimes students tend to cram a ton of information, but that’s not good. Students need 5-10 mins study break at least. 

Lastly, turn your phone off and put it somewhere it doesn’t distract you.

  • Phones are a huge distraction while studying. When your phone goes off people tend to look at them and then never get off their phones. Putting it away and turning it off is a great study habits.