Three Day Weekend of Fun


PC: Graci Hargrave

A lot of people have trouble finding ways to utilize their time whenever it comes to long weekends. Several of my friends tend to do their schoolwork… all weekend long. A long weekend is your opportunity for the break. Here are my tips and tricks for each day of the long weekend.


Plow through your homework. Get as much done as you can. Lock your phone in a safe/drawer/washing machine… whatever works for you. Do EVERYTHING so you can spend the bulk of your weekend making memories. Once/if you finish in time GO OUT AND HAVE A GRAND OL’ TIME!


I recommend sleeping in. Catch up on all the rest you’ve lost from hours of homework. I’ve talked to a few people who say they prefer to stay inside, watch Netflix, generally just chill out. That’s very relaxing and a lot of us could use that. However, I recommend going out on an adventure. Adventures span from late night Mel’s trips to anything you’ve never done before that you’ve always wanted to do. You could go to Downtown Lafayette and check out the local scene. If there’s anything I learned from living in Lafayette, there’s always an adventure downtown.


Go to church if that’s your jazz. Brunch with your pals is really fun too… everyone loves a good brunch. If you’re trying to save money, have a car wash party with you and your 6ish close friends and their cars. Painting in the park with your buddies is really nice… just make sure it’s not under 65 degrees. Exercising around sunset is a very peaceful way to end your afternoon. Family time can be crucial to a Sunday, so go have a ball with your birthers.


The last day of our break should be spent with GREAT intensity. The EPIC games building in Scott has gotten great reviews and I’ve been told it’s the best thing in Lafayette. Hanging out with friends and eating is really the best way to spend your time. Also, a good night’s sleep should occur so no one cries on Tuesday morning at school.

Here are my best ideas for you. Fulfilling and enjoyable, quality time with the people you love most in the world make everyday worth a lifetime. I hope you enjoy your three-day weekend! Take care!