A Spooky Drive-In Movie Night


Photo Credit: Annlouise Babineaux

Tuesday, October 30th, Ascension hosted a drive in Halloween movie night for their students. Students drove in around 7:00 and enjoyed Coach Dardar’s chicken and sausage gumbo while hanging out with friends and teachers. Everyone brought their pillows and blankets and turned cars into beds. Some people were sitting on top of cars and some inside. Once everyone was comfy and all cars were parked, they started the movie. The movie that played was HalloweenTown. Senior Sophie Hebert said, “The movie was one of the best movies when I was a kid, but now that I’m older, the acting is so much worse than I remember.” This basically sums up the movie part of the night. Most students didn’t really pay attention and just hung out with their friends. Junior Emily Menard says, “Even though I didn’t really pay attention it was such a fun thing to do. A good little break from school for the week.”

Ascension is loved for their personal favors they do for their students. They try their best to make sure their students are getting a good education and having fun in high school at the same time (always alongside Dardar’s cooking). This drive-in movie is a perfect example. This will not be the last drive-in movie you will hear about at Ascension. Students loved it so much they want to do one for every season. All students thank and appreciate everything Ascension and their faculty do for us. We couldn’t imagine high school any other way.