For The Good of The Community


A vital part of an Ascension education that is overlooked is the community service aspect. In order to receive a diploma on your graduation night, you must complete at least 60 hours of community service starting freshmen year through your senior year. These service hours can be completed outside of school, or even at a school event like Carnival. Students complete a form, including the dates they served and also the signature of a supervisor/administrator who witnessed their acts. 

Each grade is assigned a different mandatory project throughout the year. Freshmen and Sophomores together attend St. Joseph’s Diner for breakfast and lunch shifts and aid the non-profit organization in providing meals for Lafayette’s homeless. The Junior’s service day is spent cleaning the environment at Project Front Yard, which involves picking up trash and other debris from pieces of property. Seniors have a big feat in cooperating with Habitat for Humanity and being physically involved with the construction of homes for the less fortunate.

These community service projects deepen our connection to the community around us, and teach us to give back to those less fortunate!