Let’s Be Real: The Homecoming Dance


Ending the Homecoming week with the dance, students have been overwhelmed with emotions and regular stress from our everyday lives. The seniors, sad it is their last year, are wanting this Homecoming to be unforgettable and the best they have ever had. Juniors undergo the stress of planning the dance because it is our one chance in our high school career to plan the event. As a junior, the thought of thinking that my classmates and I only have one homecoming left is very depressing and scary when we are seeing our lives move so fast. Additionally, the sophomores are fearful of the “underclassman” stereotype while being afraid of fitting in with their insecurities. Lastly, the freshmen, although being put above the ochos, many of them struggled with the fear of being the youngest in the room. Scared to see the upperclassmen, fearing judgment, and feeling lost in insecurities are how almost every one of them had felt that night, and it’s the truth because, let’s be honest, we all have felt like this before.

So let’s be real, the most stressful week of the school year ends, and at the dance, while everyone leaves their fears at the door (along with their shoes), the outcome of the night was worth it. The seniors made the most of their last Homecoming and enjoyed every second of it. The juniors did a great job decorating the dance and were very proud of how it turned out. Many of the sophomores had fun dancing with the upperclassmen and didn’t feel the pressure to be perfect. Now back to the freshmen, as it is their first high school dance being the youngest–the feeling of nervousness is a given, but as the night went on, many of them forgot about their worries and enjoyed the night.