Let’s Be Real: Faculty-Friendship


The one thing that makes Ascension different from all other schools is the faculty. Our teachers work very hard to keep us learning and besides that, they care for their students. Knowing your teachers and building friendships (through trust and respect) is important because learning lessons from different people can help outside of your school life. This small friendship takes a lot of trust. Trusting and respecting your teachers is a must. Students learn in different ways and by knowing them as a person, teachers are able to teach a lot easier. Another thing is understanding that their life does not only involve school and grading papers so be patient.

Teachers love when they are able to interact with their students. They also love seeing their students succeed. Most teachers love to go support and watch the sporting events. Seeing the impact they have made on a student and the school leaves them feeling content. Students should show more gratitude for their teachers because they care about the students’ school life and their well-being. When asked for one thing you want your students to learn from your class, Mrs. Poynot said, “I hope that they learned that they are loved and that they matter. If they learn some science along the way, then that’s a bonus.” So smile, be kind, and show gratitude for your teachers!!