Just Keep Swimming


During a time in which most activities have been canceled due to Covid-19, Ascension’s high school swim team has been incredibly fortunate to be able to start the season on schedule. When asked about the current swim season, Coach Colleen said, “I was on the advisory committee for swim coaches to LHSAA, so I have seen all of the changes first hand. Although it is very challenging to operate with the new procedures in place, I am so happy that we are still able to get together and practice. I’m glad to see all of my swimmers again!”

There are many requirements that the swim team must adhere to in order to keep practices from being canceled. Masks must be worn before and after practice, all equipment must be sanitized in between uses, swimmers must arrive at practice with their suits already on, and no more than three swimmers can be in a single lane. When asked to comment, swimmer Maddie Raxsdale said, “I honestly think that as a sport, we got very lucky with the changes, but it is still a pain to adhere to the procedures and limit how many people can practice at once.”

Another thing that will look very different due to the changes this season is swim meets. Meets will be conducted without an audience, but the meets will be available to watch via Livestream. Swimmers will be required to stay in small pods with others in the same events, and all school teams will have to remain outside unless swimmers are competing. Though this year has been very hectic and unpredictable, Coach Colleen and others involved have done an amazing job ensuring that we can still swim this year. Ascension’s first swim meet is Tuesday, September 15, so tune in to support the gators!