Soccer Starts


Quinn Billeaud, Staf Writer

Girls soccer is currently having an #Okay season. Their record thus far is 4-7, which in all honestly is better than I thought. I feel like we haven’t won a game in quite a long time, even though we won last night. We have been playing some tough teams, but we can usually hold them off just fine. This year was the first year we’ve been mercy ruled since I was in eighth grade (#3yearsago). I was talking about how we’ve been having a #rough time lately when a teacher overheard and said “hey well its still probably better than the girls basketball stats” and, hey, she’s not wrong. Anyway, we have been winning this week so it looks like were on the #rise. Let’s #hope. I’m trying this new #Optimism thing out, unlike senior Mac Kelly who says, “the empire has fallen.” We’re entering district soon and we should do well. For real.

Now onto the #bois. They have been having a pretty good season. They won their first game and then lost all their other ones. Last year they had a record of 3-15, so they’re still looking pretty good; they still have half a season left. I asked the one and only Mr. William Frentz (#10th #grade) How the season was going and he said, “Last night we lost 3-0 and their third goal was scored by us. I think that pretty much sums up our season.” They #love it though. I have to give it to them: they work hard and have a #great time.

Wish us sports players the best of luck because were going to need it. But before I go I’d like to shout out senior Emily Howard for making the coolest free kick the other night. It was amazing. It’s things like that that motivate us to play even though we keep losing.