Ascension’s First Co-Ed Soccer Team Takes the Field Saturday


At 9 am and 11 am this Saturday, Ascension’s first co-ed soccer team will play in their first JV jamboree of the season at Sandoz Field in Opelousas.

Coach Adrienne Boyle has been working with the team for the past severak of weeks, helping them prepare for the upcoming season.

Members of the team include seniors: Alex Rippitoe, Evan LaRive-Rowland, Graham Gossen, Jaz Dalcourt, Logan Landgrave, Trente Francois; juniors: Blue Beadle, Destiny Fordis, Shawn Broussard, Victoria Mollet; sophomores: Shenelle Charlot and Layna Juneau; freshmen: Quinn Adams, Christopher Romagosa, and Madison Caswell. In addition to Upper School members, there are also many 8th graders on the team: Peyton Adams, Zack Hartfield, Alejandro Perez, and McCoy Smith.

Destiny Fordis commented on what it is like playing with boys on the field.

“They’re rough, but they are not mean,” said Destiny. “They are just intense, and they’ve been playing for a long time.”

Despite the difficulties of playing with the guys, she thinks that the jamboree will be fun, and she thinks that they will do really well.

“People are like ‘oh y’all are going to do bad,’ but I don’t think we will be too bad!” said Destiny.

When asked what she is most excited about for this upcoming season, Shenelle said, ” I’m excited to play with both boys and girls because I have never played co-ed before; playing with both genders will be very exciting.”

The team invites and encourages all students and faculty to come out and support them at the jamboree.