Senior Spotlight: Stonewall Johnson


Name: Stonewall “Stoney” Johnson

Year Started at Ascension: Kindergarten

Favorite Teachers at Ascension: Mrs. Bayard, Mrs. Mattis, and Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Bayard used to be Richardson, by the way.

Future Plans: Stonewall has been debating between LSU and UL, but is also considering going out of state to major in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, or mechanical engineering.

A few questions with Stoney:

  1. What is one thing that no one knows about you?
    • I’m really into woodworking.
  2. If you could be one celeb, who would you be?
    • Eddie Vedder. That’s a cool dude. 
  3. Would you rather: have no arms or no legs?
    • No arms. Arms do way more than legs do. (I’d like to add that he felt VERY strongly about this.)
  4. Would you rather: lose all of the hair on your body or lose all of your teeth? (no wigs or veneers allowed)
    • I’d rather lose all of my teeth. (Stonewall also added, and I quote, “a hairless body is DISGUSTING.”)


I’ve learned a lot about Stonewall in the short time I’ve known him, but I think that these are the most note-worthy:

  • Stonewall is a phenomenal friend.
  • He dedicates himself to the things and people that he cares about.
  • He makes a mean bathtub tray.
  • He isn’t as scary as he looks. (Not always, anyway.)
  • He’s an awesome dude.