Brayden Crouchet: Building of the Cajun Prairie Bridge

The Cajun Prairie Club was founded by Eric Vanburgen, a 2019 graduate of Ascension Episcopal. The Cajun Prairie was designed to attract insects and restore certain plants that were not prominent within the area. Since the formation of the Cajun Prairie, more insects, such as butterflies and love bug have visited our campus. Braydon Crouchet, a member of the Cajun Prairie Club, recently built a bridge for students to walk over to visit the prairie. The bridge is very well constructed, thanks to Braydon Crochet’s brilliant idea! 

Braydon Crouchet is a member of the Cajun Prairie Club, and as a service project for his Eagle Scout group, he built a bridge. It took him, some of his fellow troops, and the scoutmaster about five days to build the bridge. However, taking time to plan the mission took them about a year. Braydon built the bridge in hopes of maintaining Eric’s name within the Cajun Prairie. Brayden says that he looks up to Eric and that Eric has been his role model throughout his years at Ascension. 

Being an Eagle Scout requires dedication and bravery, which Brayden displays through his completion of the bridge. I asked Brayden what kind of characteristics do you need to be a Eagle Scout and he said, “… one must be able to show leadership and kindness, and I desire to be known as a man who displays genuine qualities.” The bridge has added a unique touch to Ascension that not many other schools display.Brayden’s display of courage and diligent work has contributed to the beauty of Ascension and made it a place worth attending.