Why Have an Honor Code?


This Friday during chapel, the Upper School will have observe its annual Honor Book signing. This honor book signing is a tradition that Ascension has had since the beginning of the Upper School. By signing the book, each student affirms that he/she understands the meaning of the honor code, and he/she accepts the rules and regulations of Ascension Episcopal School.

An honor code is a special policy that not too many schools have. Ascension is fortunate to have one, and in a way the honor code unifies our school. I think that having an honor code is both a privilege and an honor for the student body and our school as a whole. To me the honor code symbolizes what Ascension is and who we are as a school.

As students we expect ourselves and each other to act in the way that the honor code states: to respect our peers and teachers by not lying; to respect our parents and the sacrifices they make for our education by not plagiarizing or representing another’s work as our own; to respect the law by not stealing, and to respect ourselves for not cheating. By following these rules we become true students of Ascension.

Having an honor code is important for any school–and especially our school–because it represents the meaning of our school and the principles that we live by while here at Ascension.