Finding the Target


The idea of the Sadie Hawkins comes from the Li’l Abner comic strip produced in the 1930’s that focuses on single women getting the chance to literally chase the men they desire instead of having to wait on a man. When a woman would at last catch the man she ever so desired she would have the chance to carry him. Our version of the Sadie Hawkins dance at Ascension Episcopal School is held to give the girls a chance to ask the boy of their choosing on a date.

Prior to the dance, there was an announcement stating that there would be be a “special surprise” presented at the dance that no one should miss which turned out to be Mrs. Walker leading the student body in a line dance. Before the dance, there was also a competition deciding which girl would win a thirty dollar Starbucks gift card for asking her favorite boy to the dance in the cutest, most unique way! Caroline Frentz stole the show by asking her boyfriend to the dance “Grease style.”

The dance was held in the gym and was western themed so the majority of the student body attended in plaid shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots. Mac Kelly and Jake Vascocu also showed off their dancing skills performing their original “Pretty Girl Rock”.  The Sadie Hawkins dance at Ascension Episcopal School is now held every year giving the girls a chance to make the first move.  Overall, the dance was a wonderful experience for the students as well as the faculty with an assortment of food, stylish western-themed clothes, and line dancing.