AAA: Help Starving Kids

AAA: Help Starving Kids

Cameryn Simon, Staff Writer

As many of you know, we have a limited amount of time for lunch. It has come to my attention that most of the seniors are upset because one of their senior privileges is being able to leave campus to go get lunch, but there is not enough time to do that. Twenty five minutes is just not going to cut it!

After interviewing senior, Sydney Vidrine, she had a few thoughts about how to fix this dilemma. She said,”One way we could fix this problem would be by using our AAA class as part of our lunch break. It doesn’t have to be the whole class period, but maybe the last fifteen minutes or the first fifteen minutes depending on if it’s before or after lunch.”

When asked,” What else could we use this AAA class time for besides just for lunch?” she gave this response.  “I think we could also use this class time as a period where we could book our doctor or dentist appointments in order to not miss any other classes or tests that we may have.”

Sydney is not the only senior who thinks we  should have this as a senior privilege. Many in the senior class agree. There truly is not enough time to leave campus to go get a lunch and be back in time for the next class period. Therefore, the senior class would like the administration to consider these suggestions.  The class of 2016 would be forever grateful!