Gator Football Kicks Off the Season


Isabel Hinds, Sports Writer

As the 2015-2016 football season rolls around, the coaches and players are extremely pumped up for this year.  Last season, the boys lost an upset in the second round of the playoffs to one very talented Southern Lab.  Following the disappointing loss last season and Ja’Ceiry Linzer’s injury, there is a different motivation going into this year’s season.  As Coach Mike likes to say, “Win the day!” That is for sure the positive saying in this year’s season.

We asked a few of the football players what game they are looking forward to most this year and the majority said the LCA Knights and Central Catholic games.  But when we asked Coach Matt Desormeaux the same question, he answered with a bold statement. “We’re looking forward to every game. We just focus on this week and win that day.” 

This is going to be an awesome season for the boys because they have all worked so hard all summer between workouts and practice.

“If the boys continue to work hard and get better, then I think we could for sure have a chance to make it to state,” says Coach Matt.  Come out and support our boys on Friday nights and cheer them on.