Senior Spotlight: Gracie Gage


Name: Gracie Gage

Grade started at Ascension: Kindergarten 

Favorite teacher: She can’t choose just one:))

Favorite Ascension memory: The sixth grade trip to the Great Wolf Lodge 

Future plans: Attending the LSU Honors College 

Gracie has been a student at Ascension since she was very young. She has been a part of the volleyball and tennis teams and was one of the captains of the tennis team last year. Not only is she a great student, but Gracie is also one of the sweetest and most helpful girls you’ll ever meet. In her free time, Gracie likes to hang out with her friends and family, walk her dog, complete puzzles, read, watch Tik Tok and Netflix, and cook or bake. 

A piece of advice she would give to the underclassmen would be to live up the high school experience and not rush through it because it goes by SO fast. She also encourages them to get involved and join sports, clubs, leadership, etc. And finally, she says, “Never be scared to be you and put yourself out there!”

A funny story about her: One time, when she was two years old she fell asleep on the bottom shelf of a bookcase and her parents couldn’t find her. They started to freak out until they realized she was just taking a bomb nap.