New Year New Look

IMG_0562With the fall sports well into their seasons, it was time for the 2015 Fall   Sports Pep Rally, planned and put on by the Ascension Prefects. Pep rallies at Ascension have not always been a huge hit.

When junior, Ethan Billeaud, was asked, “Do you look forward to scheduled pep rallies? Why or why not?” his reply was, “Yes, of course, because I have less class.”

This pep rally however set the bar higher for future pep rallies because of some of the key changes made to the pep rally schedule. Some of these changes included all of the fall sports athletes running out to hype music played by the drumline and rock band.   The AES choir performed “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, and the new “spirit stick” is a metal trash can. Who knew all this change could be so good?

When Sydnie Andrus, 11th grader, was asked “Do you think we should have more pep rallies? If so, how many more?” she replied, “Yes, I do think we should have more pep rallies.  They should happen every Friday of a football game.”

Taylor Doss, 11th grader, said, “I don’t remember much about the pep rallies last year, but I think the one last week went really well. I liked this one because the games were a lot cooler.”

Senior, John Hathorn, was asked how pep rallies at Ascension are different from pep rallies at his old school and he said, “Ascension pep rallies are much more upbeat and lively. The school has really made an effort to up the ante when it comes to school spirit and it has definitely paid off. More music and games equals more fun in my opinion and Ascension pep rallies do just that.”

As you can tell, the prefects put a lot of effort into this pep rally and have really set the standard high for the rallies to come. #bluegatornation!!