The Year of the Ascension Artist


12009777_1065780240112281_2812456952458038692_nLast year, crazy changes happened in the arts department. From the creation of the Fine Arts Alliance, a new art studio and black box theatre, an all-girls acapella group, and the hilarious spring play- no one thought that the arts could get any better.

Well, we have all been proven wrong.

This year the arts are going bigger and better in every way possible.


The Music Department went through some major renovations with not one, but two new teachers teaching two completely different programs. Mr. Brian Sanford is leading the Ascension Choir this year and has big plans in store. So far, they have already auditioned for the Lafayette Honor Choir, three of our students have been selected for it as pictured above, and have traveled to Mississippi State University to compete in a choir competition.

On the other side of the music room is the new strings program. Since the downtown campus has established a strings program, SMP has also added a strings program in order to connect the two campuses. Mr. Laurentiu Norocel is leading our musicians through mastering the strings.

The teachers told me they’re planning on having several concerts throughout the year so you won’t miss our Blue Gator musicians!


After last year’s show, Play On, people wondered how the theatre department could top itself yet it seems to be doing just that. Two new teachers have made it their mission to help the theatre arts flourish this year, Ms. Monique Arabie in the fall and Ms. Kallie Broussard in the spring.

Currently, the actors are hard at work on the fall show, The Curious Savage, directed by Ms. Arabie. The show will take the stage on November 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the Black Box Theatre!

Then, in the spring, Ms. Broussard will take over teaching and will direct our campus’s first musical. It will also be the first show to be put on off campus!

Music is not the only one going on the road. There are discussions of our theatre group participating in the Louisiana Thespian Festival. Other plans include, the drama club joining with the choir for a trip to New Orleans and a potential arts trip to Houston.


jopainting-300x225The art department has always been one of the strongest on campus, but this year they are outdoing themselves.

As Mrs. Jeni Guidry put it, “We have more teachers this year, and with that comes new opportunities to team teach and do collaborative art pieces.”

Mr. Juan Mostajo is the latest art teacher to join the team of Mrs. Guidry and Mrs. Kellie Smith. The three have a lot in store for this year. As well as participating in Art Rally and displaying artwork around the school, the arts department is also striving to showcase art off campus.

Which brings us to probably the most exciting announcement of all in the arts department…


Okay, we’re slightly bringing back Art Spark. It’s drastically different than previous years for those of you who actually remember the event.

Ascension is holding an arts showcase next spring at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Student’s artwork and photography will grace the walls of the galleries, string students will be playing their instruments in the foyer, and theatre students will be showcasing their talents on the stage.

Is there a better way to celebrate the year of the Ascension artist than us all showcasing the gifts God gave us together, being the crazy artists we are?

You can think on that for a while, but I promise you won’t think of anything.

So for all of you artists and non-artists out there- if those kinds of people even exist-get ready. This year at Ascension, it’s the year of the artist!