Headed to the Playoffs


Being a student athlete throughout my four years of high school, the playoffs are a major motivation to push a team or athlete to their extremes to get to that point. Whether it be in football, basketball, soccer, or volleyball, making the playoffs give a player a sensation like no other. This year being my senior year of football and getting the opportunity to play an extra game is something to never take for granted. Each week is do or die, play each week like it is the last.

This week is the first round of football playoffs, which the Gators, seeded at seven, will be playing Saint Thomas Aquinas, seeded at ten.. This week of preparation must be like any other, as said by Blaine Blanched, a junior football player, “all focus and dedication is key to play to the best of our ability this week.” Blaine could not have put it in better words as any small mistakes this week could possibly have a costly effect on the outcome of the game this Friday night. Being an athlete that has the chance to play in the playoffs for their final season in high school allows you to understand where all the early morning workouts before school, the long summers, and the last night practices have gotten the team over the years.

Watching the Blue Gators grow over the four years of my high school experiences has truly been an extraordinary thing to watch, from freshman year having a negative record to finishing junior year undefeated, district champs, and state champs. With our senior season coming to a close, each player must do their job to stay alive another week, which the Blue Gators never fail to do. Best said by Seth Kerstetter, “We need all the fans supporting us out there this week than any other.” Everybody come out to the game Friday and make some noise for the Gators.