Big Sis-Lil Sis Program Helps Cheerleaders Bond Before Season Begins

Big Sis-Lil Sis Program Helps Cheerleaders Bond Before Season Begins

School spirt is a big part of high school. Cheerleaders help promote it throughout the year, whether they are making locker tags for all of the sports or cheering at football games.

A big event that cheerleaders do is Big Sis-Lil Sis.  All of the older girls get a younger girl to mentor throughout the year.  This year for Big Sis-Lil Sis cheerleaders had a sleepover with all 26 of the girls.

“I absolutely loved big sis lil sis this year!” said Senior Victoria Doré.  “I had amazing time with my lil sisses, and it was a truly amazing bonding experience for the whole team.”

Messy twister was everyone’s favorite activity that night.

Team bonding is one of the main reasons cheerleaders  do Big Sis-Lil Sis.  Bonding is a very important part because cheerleaders get to know about each other and get to hang out in a different environment besides the field or the gym.

Some members of the cheerleading squad have cheered with their teammates for two years and had never had a conversation with them before.  Bonding helped the team become closer and feel more like a family rather than just teammates.

Senior Hannah Savell explains it as like having 25 sisters.  For the younger members,  having someone older to talk to is nice to have.

“I feel like having a big sis that’s an upperclassman is great because I know that there is someone who I can go to at school or not in school who might understand more than someone my age,” said Freshman Madeline Thibeaux.

Football season is quickly approaching, and cheerleaders, both the Big and Little Sisses, seem very excited about it.