Player Profile: Michael Case

Player Profile: Michael Case

Name: Michael Case

Nickname: Case

Events: 50 meter free, 100 meter breast and free, and the 200 and 400 relay

Warm-up Song: “‘Still Gettin It’ – Foreign Beggars”

Post-game snack: “Protein bar”

Weird pre-game habits: “I like to loosen my muscles by shaking them out, but it looks more like me just flailing my limbs around.”

How do you feel about the upcoming season? “I feel confident that the swim team will be great this year.  We have a lot of talented athletes”

Who is your favorite athlete? “For swimming? I like Michael Phelps, but with golf being my favorite sport, I’m a Tiger fan.”

Do you have a personal philosophy when it comes to sports? “If you’re going to do something, do it right, or just forget about getting better.”

If you could banish one drill from existence, what would it be? “Multiple 100 frees in a row. I just get way too tired.”

How long have you been on the team? “This is my first year on the swim team, but I’ve always been a strong swimmer.”

What do you admire about your coach? “Coach Colleen is honestly the nicest person I have ever worked with, and it’s always fun when she is coaching practices”

Hardest working teammate? “I’d say the hardest working teammate for sure is Victoria Barczyk.”

Why do you love swimming? “I love being in the water, and since we’re working in the cold pool, it’s a lot easier  to keep going unlike running outside.  It’s also an excellent cardio workout.”