White Out the Stands Monday to Send Gators to State

White Out the Stands Monday to Send Gators to State

The Varsity Volleyball team is once again using their hard work and faith to try to return to the state playoffs for the third straight year.

Only the top eight teams are able to play a bye-district round, and those winners will be attending state. The Blue Gators just made the cut by placing 8th in their division. On Monday, November 7th the girls will be playing their bye-district round in our home swamp at 5:30.

“We just have one game between us and the Pontchartrain Center,” said Athletic Director Eric Mouton.  If the girls win Monday night, they will play in New Orleans on Thursday.

Just like the UL game on Saturday, all students who attend this game should pack the stands and wear white to “white-out” the bleachers. Most likely, the team will be playing St. Martin’s Episcopal School from Metaire.  The volleyball players say that they really want students to come out to show their support.

“We play so much better when students show up and make noise,” said Adrienne Childress.

“It will be an exciting game,” said Shenelle Charlot.