Senior Spotlight: Maggie Boudreaux

Senior Spotlight: Maggie Boudreaux

Name: Maggie Boudreaux

Grade Started at Ascension: 3rd Grade

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Lad

Favorite Ascension Memory: 7th Grade trip to New Orleans when AK flooded the bathroom by not putting the shower curtain in

Future Plans: Attend UL and major in nursing

Maggie Boudreaux started Ascension in the 3rd grade. She has played softball at Ascension since 10th grade. She is the catcher of the softball team and has served as captain for two years. Maggies says her favorite softball memory is “when a girl on the other team forgot parts of her weave in the dugout, so we decided to hang it up in our game dugout as a hype to win.” 

Maggie has always had such a fun and spunky personality, she can always put a smile on anyone’s face. She has always had a close bond with her siblings. When they were younger you could always catch them playing outside or doing different activities together. Maggie and her sister, Annie, have always had such a special bond. In Maggie’s free time she loves to hang out with her sister Annie, go shopping, and watch netflix. Maggie has a very creative side to her. She loves to paint and make artwork. A fun fact about Maggie is sophomore year Mrs. Lad taught her to crochet, and she’s been amazing at it ever since! She even sold some of her items to people around school. 

As Maggie finishes her last couple of weeks at Ascension she wants to tell the younger classmen “enjoy your time at Ascension before it is too late and all over.”