Senior Spotlight: Callie Ste. Marie


Name: Callie Ste. Marie

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 3

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Sanford

Favorite Ascension Memory: the theater/choir trip to Disney

Future Plans: I plan to be a radiologist but I haven’t decided on a college yet

Callie Ste. Marie has many passions, and some of her favorite activities are video editing, baking, and improv. One thing that she is the proudest of, however, is her YouTube channel. Callie started a YouTube channel when she was thirteen years old, and she has been making videos for kids for around 2 or 3 years. Now, she makes videos to entertain her friends or to try and make money. Her channel has grown over the years since she started it, and now she has almost 10,000 subscribers. She takes pride in her videos because she loves knowing that she made something that brings joy to people. 

Callie also loves participating in improv, and it is her favorite of all of her activities. She has been on an improv team for 3 years, and she made captain this year. She loves her improv team, and she said, “I have an awesome coach who’s super supportive and helpful and has gotten me to where I am today.” Callie has also been in lots of musicals, including Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, Matilda, Shrek Jr., and The Addams Family. When asked about her channel and improv, Callie said, “I enjoy things like making videos and doing improv because I love entertaining people. I like to see the smiles on their faces or hear them laugh because it makes me happy to know I’m making their day that much better.”