Senior Spotlight: Lily Doré


Name: Lily Doré

Grade Started at Ascension: 8th grade

Favorite Teacher: Coach Byron

Favorite Ascension Memory: Winning the state swim meet in 2018 against Newman and then 2 days later beating Newman in soccer for the first time

Future Plans: attend college in Colorado or Indiana to study computer engineering

Lily Dore has many amazing plans for her life after high school, a big one being continuing to pursue her soccer career at the college level. When asked about why she loves soccer so much, Lily said, “I have met so many great friends throughout the sport, and the team bonding is amazing. It’s like another family, and the laughter and joy that the team brings out is astounding.” She is a goalkeeper, and loves being the team member responsible for preventing the team’s opponents from scoring. She loves being a part of a team, and soccer has helped her forge bonds that last for a very long time. 

Lily also has big plans for her life after she graduates college. She plans on having a successful job in the computer hardware engineering field and living in Colorado with a husky. She has always wanted to live in Colorado because, “everytime I visit there, it feels like home.” She loves the mountains and the weather, which would be the perfect environment for her husky, and plans on spending lots of time in nature camping and exploring the beautiful trails with her dog.