Senior Spotlight: Jude Ardoin

Senior Spotlight: Jude Ardoin

Name: Jude Ardoin

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 4

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Robert

Favorite Ascension Memory: The Sophomore class trip and the Catholic High Pointe Coupee football game.

Future Plans: College plans are to be decided, but to attend Dental School. 

Jude Ardoin, a senior at Ascension, is involved in many different aspects of what makes this school the place that students love. He is the Publicity Prefect, member of the football, basketball, and golf teams, and, after school hours, he hosts and attends YoungLife meetings. Jude says that one of his favorite memories at Ascension is winning the state championship back to back years for golf, district in basketball, and starting as wide receiver in football. He also enjoys all of the hands-on activities that come with being a prefect this year. Jude has recently picked up some new hobbies such as reading and playing his guitar. He explains, “I have played guitar every night trying to perfect the chords and songs I already know.” Continuing to improve, Jude is always practicing and never hesitates to learn new chords or songs. When he picks up his guitar, his go-to genre to play is 80’s music. His favorite songs to play include “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, and “Money Talks” by ACDC. Jude says, “I plan on just playing for fun and at YoungLife clubs.”Jude fits a lot into his schedule but definitely puts maximum effort into each and everything he does. He really does it all!