Senior Spotlight: John Jack Bradley


Name: Jack Bradley

Grade Started at Ascension: 7th

Favorite Teacher: Rev. Larkin

Favorite Ascension Memory: When I rappelled down a cliff on the sophomore trip (the second time though because the first time was spooky)

Future Plans: I plan to go to Wake Forest, major in Economics, go to law school, and make coin until I die

You might know Jack Bradley as the Woke King, the Stonks enthusiast, or the ultimate fan of John Picard. But there is so much more that you need to know about Jack. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and at the age of twelve, he moved to Louisiana. Throughout his life at Ascension he has displayed his ultimate wokeness through the things he got involved in. Jack has been on the Speech and Debate team where he “pretended to know how to speak while pushing the liberal agenda down everyone’s throat.” He increased his wokeness by participating in Quiz Bowl where he would channel his big nerd energy into words. In Jack’s free time, he reads, watches Netflix, and is blessed with the opportunity to hang out with the X Factor himself, senior Will McCraine. He played soccer from grades eight through ten. Looking back, Jack noted, “I had tricked myself into thinking I was athletic.” Adding to this, Jack revealed some deep, personal information about himself, saying, “one of my ears is super pointy, so I guess I’m half elf but keep that on the down-low.” 

The unforgettable John Jack Christopher Bradley once said, “my hopes and dreams include figuring out what my hopes and dreams are.” Although it is undecided where he will attend college, he plans to major in Economics and minor in Political Science and Psychology. Jack says that he has enjoyed the freedom Ascension gives its students as he has been able to discover himself academically and socially. Challenging and bullying Mrs. Bourque while learning about StOnKs has become his pastime. His wokeness gravitated towards Theology class with Reverend Larkin where he was able to discuss big ideas and concepts (elevating his woke status of course).