Senior Spotlight: Asa Freeman

Senior Spotlight: Asa Freeman

Name: Asa Freeman

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K 4

Favorite Teacher: Reverend Larkin

Favorite Ascension Memory: When we started a faction war in third grade and fought with whips we made from plants at recess. Then we all got in trouble and got lunch detention with Coach Geautreaux.

Future Plans: Undecided 

Asa Freeman is heavily involved in Ascension whether it be sports or leadership roles. He is the running back for varsity football, he runs track, and he is on the soccer team. Asa has been a class leader for multiple years, and this year he is on the student life team. He is undecided on where he will attend college, but when I asked him about this, he said, “I have applied to many schools but I am not sure where I will be going as of now.” Asa is a great guy who is very passionate about everything he does.