Senior Spotlight: Isabella Cumberland

Senior Spotlight: Isabella Cumberland

Name: Isabella Cumberland 

Grade Started at Ascension: 8th grade 

Favorite Teacher:  Ms. Robert 

Favorite Ascension Memory: Getting stuck on the freshman kayaking trip and no one helped her so she got left behind 

Future Plans: Study business at LSU

Isabella Cumberland (Cumby)  is a senior at Ascension. She is involved in Ascension cheer and has made many friends from it. She loves her teacher Ms. Robert because she is so helpful and loving. I know it is weird to have getting left behind kayaking as her favorite memory but that explains Cumby perfectly. She tends to just run away from and not tell us where she is going when we are hanging out with her and does not show up for another 30 minutes. She enjoys doing these things and it always makes us confused…but it is funny. Cumby cannot wait to graduate high school and is counting down the days.