Senior Spotlight: Lucas Favaloro


Emily Menard, Design Editor

Name: Lucas Joseph Favaloro

Grade Started at Ascension: 32 grade

Favorite Teacher: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Bark (Bourque)

Favorite Ascension Memory: Having so many good memories at Ascension makes it hard to pick just one. One of my favorites was being awarded the football State Championship my freshman year. For me, it wasn’t about being the star player or having all of the fame but being apart of something so much bigger than myself. Being part of a team has taught me dedication, hard work, but most importantly I’ve made memories that I’ll cherish forever. Another favorite Ascension memory of mine has to be meeting the most interesting person ever, Michael “Pdawg” Schaub. 

Future Plans: After graduating from Ascension, I plan to attend ULL while majoring in video game design. After college, I would like to take over my dad’s business and own Nitetown and Marley’s.


Lucas Joseph Favaloro has been attending Ascension since freshman year and has made nothing short of the most out of the time he’s spent here. He is an active leader for his peers as he continuously advocates for the student body in his role as a class leader. When asked what he loves most about leadership, Lucas said, “I love being able to help out when planning events and feeling like I can make a difference within our school.” I have had the privilege of getting to know Lucas over these last few years and can assure you he is anything but ordinary.  From his obvious love for Fortnite to being Mr. Nitetown, Lucas is one of the most outgoing, quirky, and fun people you will ever meet. Lucas encourages underclassmen to “not be afraid to take chances. Get out of their comfort zone! You only get to experience high school once, so get involved and make the most out of your time here.”