Senior Spotlight: Seth Kerstetter


Full Name: Seth Jeffery Kerstetter

Grade you started at Ascension: Pre-k 3

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Robert because she a G

Favorite Ascension Memory: When Chandler Juneau put zip ties on the art room’s sink hose and Mrs. Guidry turn tried to use the sink and water sprayed all over her.

Plans After high school: Play football at Berry College and major in Dual Degree engineering.

What is something most people do not know about you? Sushi is my favorite food

What is something you feel is commonly misunderstood about you? That I’m not the better Kerstetter

What is some advice you would give to the underclassmen? Pick the easy classes

What is something you would change about Ascension? The only being able to wear sweatpants when it is 37º outside rule.

Favorite quote? “Life sucks then you die” because coach McCullough said it.

What’s your favorite movie? Anchorman 2 because it shows courage and strength

What’s on your bucket list this year? Skydive because everyone wants to do that

If you could choose one person to be stuck on a deserted island with, who would it be and why? Lotief because he’s a cutie.