Senior Spotlight: Blaine Blanchard


Marielissa Perez, Staff Writer

Full Name: Blaine Marie Blanchard

Grade you started at Ascension: Sophomore year

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Robert (aka Roberto, Robby) because she is a BEAST!!!!

Favorite Ascension Memory:  When Michael Rohrberger fell out of his chair during Eucharist

Plans after high school: LSU and major in wildlife ecology

What is something most people do not know about you? I am secretly a ninja.

What is your favorite movie? Either Deadpool 2 or Hercules.

What is something you feel is commonly misunderstood about you? That I am mean

What is some advice you would give to the underclassmen? Try harder than you think you need to

What is something you would change about Ascension? Allow gum and no uniforms