Senior Spotlight: Alaina Hardy

Sophie Hebert, Staff Writer

Name: Alaina Grace Hardy

Favorite Teacher at Ascension: Mrs. Acevedo

Year Started at Ascension: Freshman Year

Favorite Ascension Memory: “The day I got my straight skirt and I got to flex on everyone.”

What three words would you describe yourself as? “Hungry, silly, and sarcastic.”

If you had to pick one animal to be, what is it? “I would want to be a golden doodle.”

If you had to play a sport you’ve never played before, what would you play? “Is dancing a sport?”

Where is your favorite place to vacation? “Utah, it was pretty. Shut up. Wait, can you change that to France?”

What are some achievements you are proud of? “My ability to maintain honor roll during my junior and senior year and that I’ve been to state every year.”

What are your plans after graduation? “My plans are to attend South Alabama for college and major in nursing.”