Senior Spotlight: Avery Lege


Avery Lege @avery_lege_



Name: Avery Lege

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-k 4

Favorite Teacher: Paula Landry

Future Plans: I am undecided on where I want to attend college, but I do know that I want to go to medical school.

How has Ascension helped you grow as a person? I have been attending Ascension for my whole life and have never known anything different. All of my closest friendships have been made here and I can confidently say Ascension has made me who I am today. I have no idea what I am going to do without this school and the people in it when I graduate.

What is your favorite Ascension memory and why? My favorite Ascension memory was the sophomore trip. My classmates and I spent about four days hiking, zip-lining, and repelling in Fort Payne, Alabama. On the way to one of our hikes, our bus was too big for the steep and twisty roads. This resulted in us rolling backward down the mountains before we made any progress getting to our destination.

What is one rule that you would change at Ascension? If I could change anything about Ascension, I would take all of the blocks/restrictions off of the wifi.

What is your favorite class? Why? My favorite class is world geography because Coach Jill is a very good teacher and I enjoy the material.

What do you like to do during your free time? I enjoy hanging out with my friends during my free time.

What is one thing that is on your bucket list? One thing that is definitely on my bucket list would be going skydiving with my friends.

What is one thing you want people to know about yourself? If I had to choose one thing for people to know about me, it would be that I am not as scary as some people make me out to be.

What is your favorite quote? Monica Tauzin saying “No Avery, you are not checking out again.”

Favorite meme? Mmmm chicken