Senior Spotlight: Michael “Pdawg” Schaub


Anna Grace Franques, Co-Editor

I had the honor and privilege of interviewing the man, the myth, the legend: Michael Schaub, who the Ascension student body refers to as none other than “Pdawg.” After chatting with Mr. Dawg (aka successfully getting him to sit still long enough for me to get these answers), here is what he had to say….

Name: Michael Schaub

Grade Started at Ascension: 9th Grade

Favorite Teacher at Ascension: Coach Bill because “he’s a clown”

Future Plans: He plans on going to LSU and majoring in mechanical engineering

Activities Participated in at Ascension: Basketball, soccer, and baseball

Favorite thing about being a senior: “They let us goon up”

Favorite Ascension Memory: When Sami [Eli Mouton] became Mr. 2000!!!!!!

Getting to know Michael….

Okay I think what the main question here is: how did you get the name “Pdawg”? When I was younger, I got nicknamed “Pudge” because I was a pudgy baby. I changed it to Pdawg because I liked it better.

If you could, what would you change about Ascension? That they would allow wandering

What is one thing on your bucket list? Probably to bungee jump, like jump off a bridge or something

Favorite show? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will Smith is the man.

Who would you like to live like for a day? Luis Suárez because he’s just the man. Best soccer player in history. He bit someone on the shoulder.

Favorite quote? “See you at 7:15 tomorrow morning” -Coach Dardar

Favorite candy? Ooh ooh ooh that depends. Probably left Twix. Not right Twix, that’s disgusting.

What do you think the greatest invention of all time is? The light switch because of the Drake song where he says “I just flipped the switch”