Senior Spotlight: Jhalen Brown


What year did you come to Ascension? Jhalen came to Ascension at the beginning of Freshman Year.

What are your future plans? Jhalen plans on going to college and majoring in forensic chemistry.

Who is your favorite teacher? Mrs. Small-Stutes is his favorite teacher because she’s really nice, relaxed, and she cares about her students.

What is your favorite memory at Ascension? Jhalen’s favorite memory is going to the Football State Championship during his sophomore year.

We asked Jhalen a few more questions and these were his responses:

What activities do you do during your free time? Jhalen enjoys brushing his hair and watching hair videos.

What’s one thing on your bucket list? Jhalen has always wanted to go skydiving in Colorado because the view is pretty.

What sports do you play Jhalen participates on the track, football, and powerlifting teams.