Senior Spotlight: Elena Harris


Photo Credit: Charles Hines

Emily Menard, Staff Writer

Name? Elena Harris

How long have you attended Ascension? I have been going to Ascension since the 6th grade.

Do you play any sports for Ascension? I play volleyball and soccer.

Favorite teacher at Ascension? My favorite teacher is Mrs. Robert because even though she is a new teacher, she fits in very well. I know that I can depend on her for anything and go to her with any of my problems. She is basically my mom.

Favorite Ascension memory? My favorite Ascension memory is either the junior trip or the first annual senior lock-in. It is always a good time when our whole grade can just spend time together as a whole.

Get to know Elena. . . 

What is something that you would change about Ascension? I think seniors should be able to leave for lunch all year and begin wearing college gear as soon as they are accepted.

Plans after high school? I will attend UL for occupational therapy.

What do you think the greatest invention of all time is? The best invention, in my opinion, is probably the phone because we can accomplish so much more, plus we can listen to music.

What is one thing that is on your bucket list? I want to travel a lot and honestly go back to Russia eventually.

Favorite quote? Anything from Rachel Green from Friends.

Favorite Candy? Reese’s