Senior Spotlight: Lizzy Hall

Name: Lizzy Hall

Grade Lizzy started at Ascension: Technically I started in preschool but I moved and came back in 8th grade.

Future plans: She will begin going to UL next year, but she does not know what she is going to major in. she plans on traveling the world after college.

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Walker because she was a good teacher and she knew how to relate to the students.

Favorite memory: “Senior lock-in because I got to become closer to my grade”.

Random facts about Lizzy: She has one blue freckle on her left arm.

Only at ascension… Someone takes a helicopter to school.

Favorite meme: “I don’t watch vine”.

What is the best invention of all time: Netflix

What is one thing on your bucket list: Travel the world.

If you could choose one person to be stuck on an island, who would it be and why? Ashlee because she is my best friend and her and I would just make the best of it.