Senior Spotlight: Jillian Barczyk


Photo creds; Jillian Barczyk’s instagram @jillian_barczyk

Addie Vidrine , Staff Writer

Our very first senior spotlight of the year is Ms. Jillian Barczyk!

Jillian and I chatted briefly after she got out of surgery from getting her tonsils removed (she is doing great, no worries!) and her mother had to speak for her!

How many years have you been at Ascension? Since pre-k 3

What are your future plans? Jillian will be going to the University of  Georgia to continue her swimming career.

How does the Ascension swimming team look so far this year? “We look great this year. We have lots of good, young swimmers. I’m ready to have a great time and meet the new swimmers!”

What is it like being the head prefect so far? “I love my prefect team and we are ready to plan new things and get to work!”

Have any advice for the younger kids? “Don’t rush high school, live with no regrets. Have no fear of anyone’s judgement of being yourself.”