Senior Spotlight: Taylor Stein


Name: Taylor Stein

Years at Ascension: 3.5

Favorite teacher at Ascension: Taylor says that Coach Credeur was her favorite teacher at Ascension because she was her AAA teacher.

Future Plans: Taylor plans on attending Louisiana Tech in the fall. She will be majoring in either mechanical or civil engineering.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Why? 

Taylor states that Blake Lively  is her favorite celebrity “because she is pretty and her husband is hot”.

What is one thing that many people don’t know about you? 

One thing that many people down know about Taylor is that she races motorcycles!

What has been your favorite memory at Ascension?

Taylor’s favorite Ascension memory was the junior trip. When asked why she explained that “I got close to people that I never thought I would talk to.

What is something that you would tell an underclassmen about being a senior?

Taylor says to “take AP classes because their finals don’t count”