Senior Spotlight: Kenn Vidrine


Name: Kenneth Vidrine

First year at Ascension: Freshman year

Future plans: Kenn will attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette to study business. Then, he will work in the oil field, get married, and hopefully have two kids: one guy and one girl. If he could choose he would want to have the boy first so that he could “beat up anyone who messed with his little sister”. 

Favorite music artist right now: Jack Johnston

Do you believe in fate?: “In a sense”

Role model: his dad

Quote that Kenn lives by: “Try you might, don’t you won’t.” I can attest to Kenn living by this, that boy is never afraid of taking a risk or asking a question. 

Future plans for Kenn’s hair: “I don’t know. Probably grow out then cut it short again. It is a cycle, keeps everyone happy.”

Some of my favorite quotes from Kenn include:

“Wait how are Eskimos dark skinned if it is always cold over there?”

“Coach Jill, sorry I know we’re taking notes, but how do you spell Danny Devito?”

“I think I found my doppelganger!