Senior Spotlight: Jillian Blackburn

Senior Spotlight: Jillian Blackburn

Name: Jillian Blackburn

First year at Ascension: Junior year

Favorite teacher at Ascension: Mrs. Roberts is definitely my favorite teacher, “because she is always honest, and by honest, I  mean that when I ask her to proofread papers, she tells me when they suck.”

Future Plans: She will spend a year attending University of Louisiana at Lafayette before transferring to somewhere to study pre-med.

Favorite Ascension memory: “A few weeks ago Coach Dardar caught me laying on a desk in art. I proceeded to get off of the desk and then accidentally addressed him as ‘Chris’ in front of a school tour. It was so awkward.”

Any advice for the underclassmen? Stop complaining about going to school because you’re going to be really sad when you can’t come here anymore.