Senior Spotlight: Jake Vascocu


Olivia Matherne, Editor

Name: Norman Jerome Vascosu

First year at Ascension: 5th grade, 2010-2011

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Chiasson

Future plans: Attend Louisiana State University in the fall then continue on to LSU’s medical school in New Orleans. He hopes to become some sort of orthopedic doctor. Somewhere in that timeline, he wants to get married and have 3 kids to settle down with somewhere in Louisiana. A true Cajun man. 

Future plans for his facial hair: He says that it is “all about the trials”. In college, he will test out different options before settling on one. He is toying with the ideas of a neckbeard or maybe a goatee.

One thing no one knows about Jake: “I cried when I came to shadow Ascension. I suppose too many people actually do know about that. So embarrassing.” If my memory serves me correctly, Jake ran into a tree while playing kickball and busted it. We haven’t let him live in down since. 

If you could be one celebrity who would it be: Zach Efron (Jake spit this out with no hesitation)

Favorite memory from Ascension: “Graduation” He knows this hasn’t happened yet, but he anticipated that it will be his favorite. I’m not sure if that counts but we don’t discount time travel here at The Authored Ascension.

If you were applying for a job, which of your friends would you put down as a reference: He reluctantly answered “Michael”, but only after I told him that he couldn’t answer with a lie.