Senior Spotlight: Eli Mouton


Olivia Matherne, Editor

Name: Samuel Eli Mouton

Nicknames: Pollen and Mr. 2,000

First Year at Ascension: 2nd grade

Favorite Teachers: Mr. Delcambre and Mrs. Lad (even though I once saw her whack Eli in the back of the head so hard that he got teary-eyed)

Future Plans: He will continue balling out at University of Louisiana at Lafayette but when he has free time, he will major in computer sciences

Quote to live by: “People just don’t understand how obsessed I am with winning” – Kobe Bryant

Fill in the blank: “Taylor Swift is” alright.¬†

Eli’s role model: his dad (awww)

Would you rather live without any arms or without any legs: no legs

His pregame ritual includes: listening to music, getting in the zone

Favorite song right now: Hustle for Mine by Blac Youngsta feat. YFN Lucci (I assume this is a good song to play before a game).

When asked about Eli, Isabel Frederick explained that “he was my first kiss in PreK”. He was also my first boyfriend in the 5th grade so clearly, he is a lady killer.