Senior Spotlight: Bryn Daneshfar


Name: Bryn Danesfar

Years at Ascension: 9

Favorite teacher at Ascension: Bryn explains that Mrs. Bourque because “she is very patient with her students and is enthusiastic about teaching.”

Future Plans: Bryn plans on attending Louisiana State University (LSU) in the fall, and will be studying biology on the pre-med track.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Why? 

Bryn says that Beyonce is her favorite celebrity “because she’s Beyonce”

What is one thing that many people don’t know about you? 

Not many people know that Bryn can actually jump over her own leg!

What has been your favorite memory at Ascension?

Some of Bryn’s favorite memories from her time at Ascension are cheering at football games when our team would go to the other side. She explains that she would accidentally make new dance moves by slipping in the mud. Her personal favorite dance move was “the corkscrew pop-back” by Maddie Blackstone. (Ask her to do it for you — you’ll love it)

What is something that you would tell an underclassmen about being a senior?

Bryn says that “in the midst of the overwhelming stress of school work, college apps, and preparing yourself for some pretty emotional goodbyes, don’t forget to cherish every moment you spend here because it goes by WAY too fast”