Senior Spotlight: Christian Deville


Maddie Blackstone, Staff Writer

Name: Christian Deville

Grade started at Ascension: 9th Grade

Favorite teacher at Ascension? Christian says Mrs. Small is his favorite teacher and goes onto to say, “she is the best math teacher I have ever had during my time at Ascension”.

What goals do you have for your future? Christian plans to pursue a career in chemical engineering. He says, “I also hope to have a successful college football career at Saint Anselm.”

 What are some of your favorite extracurricular activities? Christian has enjoyed participating in football throughout throughout high school and plans to continue pursuing this passion through college. In addition, he enjoys other athletic activities like working out and playing other sports.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? Christian is most proud of himself for receiving his football scholarship to Saint Anselm in New Hampshire. Another proud accomplishment he says he will never forget was “becoming a football State Champion last year.”

What advice would you offer to future seniors? Christian says, “Value the time, it goes by fast.”