Senior Spotlight: Thomas Fredrick


Erin McFaul, Staff Writer

Name: Thomas Fredrick

What grade did you start at Ascension? I came to Ascension in Kindergarten in 2005

Who is your favorite teacher at Ascension throughout your years? Mrs. Gibson was my favorite teacher; she made learning less terrible

What are your future plans after graduation? I’m going to LSU to major in Finance

Give me a good sentence that I can quote you on, favorite memory about Ascension?

My favorite memory of Ascension is when Mac framed Justin Anderson for prank calling Frito Lay.

Here are some fun facts about Thomas: 

  • Who is your role model? Joey Walker, Keith Urban, and John Stamos
  • A quote to live by: “Struggle and Emerge”
  • What gets you up in the morning? The knowledge that I’m better than Zon