Senior Spotlight: Isabel Frederick


Bryn Daneshfar, Staff Writer

Name: Isabel Frederick

Grade Started at Ascension: 3rd Grade

Favorite teacher at Ascension: Mrs. Walker because “she challenges me daily” and is always super helpful when it comes to helping her students learn.

Future plans: Isabel plans on attending LSU and following a Pre-Med track.

Favorite Ascension memory: Her favorite memory is from the seventh grade when her school shorts ripped, causing her and Hannah Dees to skip a whole math class while Mrs. Charbonnet attempted to sew them up.

Interesting facts about Isabel:

Her role model: Coach McCullough because “he has no filter so he ain’t no fake bro”

Her nicknames: Bell, Izzyfresh, Iz

What motivates her: No weigh Wednesday’s at Yobe

If you could be one celebrity, who would you be and why? Beyoncé because she’s the realest