Senior Spotlight: Evan Calcote


Name: Evan Calcote

Grade started at Ascension: Kindergarten

Favorite teacher at Ascension: Mrs. Hannah Carriere Henry, his math teacher in 9th grade because even after that year, she helped him with tutoring whenever he needed.

Future plans: Evan plans on attending UL in the fall and is undecided on a major.

Favorite Ascension memory: One of his favorite memories is the time he fractured his ankle and had to get crutches which “obviously sucked”, but since he couldn’t carry his stuff all of his friends volunteered to carry it to his classes for him. He says, “they even made a daily schedule on who was carrying my stuff that day.” That experience helped him to see who his real friends were and how helpful they can be.

Favorite thing about Ascension: Evan’s favorite thing about Ascension is its amazing atmosphere. He says, “simply put, Ascension is like a family because all of the students and teachers are so friendly and close together. This helps not only because we get to meet more people and make new friends, but it also allows us to learn and strive in an environment in which we can ask others for help without hesitation, since we know the teachers and our fellow classmates will always be willing to help.”

A few more things to know about Evan: He plays soccer and tennis for school (and on his own). He also enjoys playing flag football, video games, and cards. Some of his favorite card games are poker and “Texas hold ‘em.”