Senior Spotlight: Mustafa Alam


*Disclaimer: The very self-motivated Mustafa completed this article himself with little to no editing by the Authored Ascension staff.

Name: Mustafa Alam

Grade started at Ascension:  3rd grade

Favorite teacher(s) at Ascension: Mrs. Chiasson

Future plans: LSU and majoring in biological engineering

Interesting facts about Mustafa:

Something that no one knows about Mustafa: “lets keep that to myself”

Is double dipping ever execptable at a party? He says “Yes, if no one sees you”

Would you rather be best friends with Beyonce or Rhianna? Beyonce, because she married richer

His mentor: Mustafa, being very diverse and talented in many different fields approaches life with a positive attitude and common sense. he therefore as chosen to accept different mentors in his life to help him specialize in different parts he wants to perfect. one of his mentors are himself because of his ability to adapt and react on getting out of things he doesn’t want to do or places he doesn’t want to be.

Would he rather have no arms or no legs: No legs because arms are more useful

What motivates him: Dimes #doubleentendre

What gets him up in the morning: My mother yelling threatening to dump water on his head